Dystopia (the place we live in)

Maybe you've noticed that the world is not a "right" place. I know I have. I'm an 80's kid. I grew up in an optimistic era in America, believing in the fundamental correctness of our institutions, Freedom, Democracy. We were going to "give" Democracy (with a capital "D", as we do with the name of God) to the poor savages who populated the rest of the world, the Barbarian Horde; and boy, did we ever give it to them!

Well, I grew up and I did my duty, I served Democracy willingly. I went to Iraq so that I could spread our True Religion to the Barbarian Horde. Thankfully, I didn't die, and I narrowly escaped the horror of killing someone. I didn't get many medals, but I did walk away with another perspective. I walked away questioning things. Things like Democracy, and why we were supposed to spread it, and what it's supposed to look like.

I didn't have many answers to my questions, and I still don't; but I've found one big answer - that everyone should question everything. I'm speaking in the context of America here. While we were in Iraq giving Democracy to the Heathen, people in America were busy shitting in each other's mouths for fun and watching the Super-bowel and trying to pretend that they didn't live in a dystopia. I'm not the only one questioning. There are more people out there, who want to look the monster in the eye, and say "fuck you!"....but we need more. Lots more.

In future entries, I hope to ask the Right Questions, and maybe even come up with answers. Regardless, asking questions is a fun time (if you're a masochist and not inclined to watch football or mouth-shitting).

Until next time =)